Akustik Cover: Gates of the country [Niklas]

Publiziert am 06.01.2012 (nur in englischer Sprache verfügbar)
Back in 2005, when I started this website, I intended to publish my photographic, graphical and acoustical works. Soon it became obvious that photography would be the major part of it. After my last instrumental song Grey Happening in 2006 I wanted to bring back some music to this place. I am certainly not a world class guitar player or singer but "Nebenzimmer.de" was started to have fun and this has not changed all this years. ...and I feel a lot like making some music right now. This one is an acoustic cover from Black Lab called "Gates of the country".

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Die Musik macht nachdenklich und auch etwas traurig. Sie gefällt mir.
(02.03.2014, 17:56 Uhr)

Ein sehr schönes Lied.Rainer
(02.03.2014, 18:42 Uhr)

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